Bible Stories 4 Kids


1  God’s Creation

2  Adam and Eve

3  Noah’s Ark

4  Rainbow Promise

5  Tower of Babel

6  Abram

7  Sarah Laughs

8  Pillar of Salt

9  Baby Isaac

10  Abraham and Isaac

11  Rebekah

12  Esau’s Birthright

13  Jacob’s Ladder

14  Rachel

15  Jacob Wrestled

16  Joseph’s Pit

17  The Cupbearer and the Baker

18  Pharaoh and Joseph

19  Joseph’s Brothers

20  Joseph and Israel

21  Israelite Slaves

22  Baby Moses

23  Burning Bush

24  Miracle Staff

25  The Passover

26  Red Sea

27  Meribah

28  Mt. Sinai

29  10 Commandments

30  Golden Calf



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31  God Led Them

32  12 Spies

33  Scapegoat

34  Jericho

35  Joshua’s Great Stone

36  Deborah

37  Sampson

38  Ruth

39  Hannah’s Prayers Answered

40   Samuel’s Calling

41  Shepherd David

42  David and Goliath

43  David Anointed

44  Bathsheba

45  Absalom

46  Solomon’s Wisdom

47  Queen of Sheeba

48  Jerusalem Destroyed

49  Nehemiah

50  Esther

51  God Provides

52  Elijah and Fire

53  Elijah’s Mantle

54  Elisha heals Naaman

55  The Widow’s Oil

56 Fiery Furnace

57  Writing on the Wall

58  Lion’s Den

59  Jonah’s Great Fish

60  Wind & Chaff



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