Welcome to Bible Stories 4 Kids - Publications for Ministry

        This wonderful tool will aid ministries in preparing coloring books, and other 
    publications to come, as evangelistic tools to reach your neighborhoods for Jesus!  
    They also make great teaching tools for Children's Ministries, for bringing families 
    together as parents read to their children, and many other uses within the body of 
    Christ.  Best of all this CD, and the accompanying Bible Games 4 Kids CD, is licensed 
    to copy and share with children, friends, and especially other pastors.  

        It is my desire that not only this be a valuable asset to your ministry, but as 
    you share it with others, and they share it with others, etc., that we can minister 
    to the children and families, of our neighborhoods and around the world, by planting 
    the Word of God into their hearts and minds that Jesus Christ might be glorified! 
    So please, copy and share these with all that you can, and you too will become a 
    Christian Character Builder.

              If you need any help with the instructions below please email 
              me at blazasz@comcast.net. And don't forget to check for downloads 
              of new publications and interactive Bible Games at:


 INSTRUCTIONS All files are .pdf (Adobe Reader): 

	1. Print this instruction file, then close it.

	2. Choose the Ministry Publication of your choice from the menu.
	3. Customize the cover page (page 1) for your church by replacing photos, and 
		  changing text to meet your needs. Save the entire folder to  your 
		  computer after customizing by: Click on File - Click on Save As -Select 
		  where you want to put your file (Save in) - Select or type a file name - 
		  Click Save.  
	4. Print your cover page(page1) file on one side 8 1/2x14 legal size paper.  Printing 
	          this page on a heavier paper will make it last longer and give a better

	5. Print the odd pages of the file. Re-arrange pages in order of 1...3...5... top 
		  to bottom.  Place pages back  in printer and print the even pages of the 
		  file. Place pages in proper order and add cover page where appropriate.
	          Make sure, when folded,  the page numbers work as in a book. 
		  Fold pages and staple using long reach stapler. Duplicate as many
          	  copies as you like. That's it, your finished and ready to be a blessing
	          to those who need to hear the Good News of Jesus!