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     This wonderful tool will aid ministries in preparing coloring books, and other publications to come, as evangelistic tools to reach your neighborhoods for Jesus!  They also make great teaching tools for Children's Ministries, for bringing families together as parents read to their children, and many other uses within the body of Christ.  Best of all everthings is 100% totally free and is licensed to copy and share with children, friends, and especially other churches, ministries, missionaries, and more. Most of these publications can easily be modified so that your churches etc., can leave off my intro pages and design your own that will help you neighbors remember you when they most need Jesus!                                          Should you need free help with design blazasz@comcast.net
       It is my desire that not only this be a valuable asset to your ministry, but as you share it with others, and they share it with others, etc., that we can minister to the children and families, of our neighborhoods and around the world, by planting the Word of God into their hearts and minds that Jesus Christ might be glorified! So please, copy and share these with all that you can, and you too will become a Christian Character Builder.

  Publication for Ministry Titles

Click on the publication you want to use, it is a .pdf file ( Adobe Reader).              Download Adobe Reader Click Here. 

I'm Special  -  An encouraging word to our children about God's love for them.       Bill's favorite!                                       
by Elizabeth Richards Schurg  I am the author. I wrote it in 1968 for a creative writing class at St. Mary High School in Royal Oak, Michigan. I was 14 years old.I didn't realize the value of it until later and applied for a copyright for it in 1990. I do not charge anything for use. I am glad if it helps others.I only ask that my name be attached. If you need further information, (copyright number, etc,) feel free to contact me.

Jesus Loves You Coloring Book - 54 coloring pages to walk as Jesus walked!

Larger Format Coloring Book - Life of Christ.          11 x 17 Print

The Old Testament Coloring Book - 46 stories to color and learn!

Stories About Jesus - Make your own storybook about the greatest story ever told.

He's Alive! - The Easter story. Color and read how much Jesus loves us!

Encouragement cards! -Cards to print! Beautiful Pictures and  Scriptures!

Bible Picture Library - All pictures believed to be in Public Domain, check before any commercial use.

Walking with Jesus Video Stories - Great teaching videos on the life of Jesus. Download from each video story from Stories about Jesus, goes perfect with the 60 printable booklets below!

  120 Bible Lessons in Printable Booklets

            A Bible study that reveals the life and the love of Jesus to your children by opening the pages of scripture and planting God's Word in their hearts and minds. Each of the 60 lessons contains a picture of the Bible scene, Bible Text, a Map, City and Cultural Topics, Memory Verses, Key Story Points, Devotional, Bible Quiz, Coloring Page, Word Search, and a Crossword Puzzle. 

Instructions Click Here 

Walking With Jesus Lessons

Old Testament Lessons

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